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High Pressure Air Compressor

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High Pressure Air Compressor The Bull Series High Pressure Air Compressor
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High efficiency and save energy

Efficient and energy-efficient design,ensuring that users create higher profits eith lower operating costs

  • Multi-stage compression, compression ratio achieves the best, the ambassador can maximize
  • The piston supercharger USES double acting cylinder to minimize leaksge
  • Adopt efficient energy-saving motor
  • Optimize the design of airway to minimize system pressure loss
  • Variable frequency control or permanent magnet synchronous motor can be chosen to realize energy saving

High reliability

The high reliable designing ensure the air compressor is running continued and reliable, it greatly safeguard the steady production

  • The main movement adopts reasonable compression ratio, which reduces the wear and tear between the two sports
  • The air pipe and water pipe are made of food-grade stainless steel, which guarantees the quality of the gas and extends the life of the unit
  • The pressurized machine at all levels and exhaust valves adopt optimized design of the air valve, small noise and long life
  • Adopt imported or domestic famous brand parts, long life
  • Piston supercharger has low speed, prolong the life of piston ring and packing
  • The electirc control syatem of international brand electrical components is stable and reliable

Humanization design

Humanized design allows you to easily operate and maintain air compressor, better for production services

  • Integrated into pry, compact design, easy installation
  • Easy to use, easy to replace, maintenance without lifting equipment
  • A control panel controls all parts, and the graphical interface is more concise and easy to use
  • The control system has a fault diagnosis function, so that you can quickly troubleshoot fault and ensure production
  • A full range of safety and strikinh qperations and warning alerts maje the unit safer

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