The Polar Bear High Pressure Air Compressor

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Targeted design

Internal water cooling circulaing syatem without external cooling tower.
Effectively avoid hard water quolity and easy scaling in individual places.

  • High effciency circulating water pump;Large flow design,improve cooling efficiency.
  • Stainless steel circulating water case;Super large volume,without external piping.
  • High efficiency cooling fan.Improve cooling efficiency ratio.


Fend against the severe cold

Design for adapt to severe cold area,Optional installation of antifreeze in sub-zero climate.
Avoid to the cylinder or water circulation system frost crack caused by external cooling tower.

  • Special equip antifreeze, adapt the working condition below freezing point in northern winter.can normal operate not below 25°C


High efficiency and energy-conservation

Whole series standard equip rare earth permanent magnet frequency conversion motor,
According to the fluctuation of gas to adjust power output.

  • Permanent magnet screw and engine integrated,No coupling and other transmission links,higher efficiency.
  • The efficiency of motor is 5% higher than that of ordinary motor,more energy conservation.
  • Realize the configuration function of frequency,and wide range of frequency adjust.

Technical parameters of bull series series permanent magnet variable frequency screw oil free booster compressor

Model Volume flow
Exhaust pressure
Installed power
Shaft power
Crankshaft Speed

Circulating water (t/h)

Air Outlet Size Cooling Water Outlet Size Dimensions (L x W x H)
LGJBF-2.4/35T(PM) 2.4 3.5 29.5 28 520 1140 17 45 1'' 1600x1200x1500
LGJF-4.0/35T(PM) 4.0 3.5 45 43 530 1780 38 45 1'' 2200x1500x1850
LGJF-6.0/35TS(PM) 6.0 3.5 67 60 530 2200 38 45 1'' 2200x1500x1850
Permanent magnet variable frequency is optional for 35T model.
Reference conditions : temperature : 20°c suction pressure : 1 bar (abs) relative humidity : 0%
Standard constraints : height : 1000 m standard equipment : highest temperature 40°c standard options : 
The Company's products continue to improve, to retain right of design change.Parameters change, without prior notice.

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