UD 218 Lubricant

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80000 compressor are in service
UD218 Screw protection lubricant is a high quality compressor oil prepared from imported
three0stage hydrogenation base oil and processed with the advanced additive technology
Rely on outstanding oxidation stability, UD218 is superior to other similar lubricants in the market, 
apply to oil-injected screw air compressor running under normal and severe pollution conditions.

NSF Food safety certification

  • Meet customer's requirements for food and safety.
  • Reach the intervention requirements of some special industries.

Self-cleaning function

  • Can Dissolve the oil dirty and dust inside the compressor.
  • Keep the screw and bearings smoothly under long term operation.

Super anti-abrasion function

  • Higher oil film strength can protect the components.
  • Longer service life to 5000hours.

Screw anti-abrasion protection

APD UD218 series can protect the
bearings fairly better than other 





ISO Viscosity grade   32     46 ASTM D 2422
Flash point °C 238     240 ASTM D 92
Pour point °C -39     -39 ASTM D 97
Copper corrosion Degree 1b     1b ASTM D 130
Foam characteristics     ASTM D 892
24°C ml 10/0     5/0 ASTM D 892
93.5°C ml 5/0     5/0 ASTM D 892
24°C after 93°C ml 5/0     5/0 ASTM D 892
Anti-emulsiffication 54°C mln 5     /5 ASTM D 1401

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