Carbon Deposit Flushing oil UC-V205

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Remove carbon deposit thoroughly,
Heat dissipation efficiently

Apureda UC-V205 is higher efficiently flushing oil ehich does not need heat
and stir vefore using. It has strong penetration force to wash the carbon
deposit without labor and foreign force. It also washes the small parts gap 
and does not damage the machine precision.

  • Strong penetration and peel force can remove carbon deposit and oil mud efficiently.
  • Wash compressor host nachine, oil pipe and heat exchange cerbon deposit quickly.
  • Use eassilly, just immerse for 20minutes to 2 hours as per the dirt level.
  • Do not corrode metal parts.
  • One time can wash different parts and can repeat to use it.
  • If it enters the eye accidentally, please wash it with flushing water and go to the hospital for treatment.
  • The original liquid has irritating effect on the skin.Please wear protective equiipment while using it.

appearance color
smell Special solvent smell
status Two layer liquid

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